Following each search, our clients complete a detailed evaluation form. What do hiring authorities say about TalentHunt?

“In my opinion, TalentHunt, is successful because of their rigorous adherence to a systematic, detailed process that is well-refined and proven over many years.”


Civil Engineering

“I view TalentHunt essentially as our succession plan, which has enabled our organization to continue to grow and evolve, even through recent difficult economic times.”

Vice President & Division Manager

Water, Wastewater & Hydro-power Engineering

“Much like our business, TalentHunt success is not the result of luck, but rather of working their process until they develop the solution.”

President & CEO

Industrial and Environmental Engineering

“The search process has also helped us find replacements for the talent he placed within our organization over ten years ago.”

Owner, CEO and President


“TalentHunt is my search firm of choice because they are committed to helping us, their client, and the candidates reach truly Win-Win agreements; this establishes the right foundation for the growth of our business and our entire team.”

Vice President, Human Resource

Food Manufacturing

“The confidence and commitment for a good outcome speaks volumes for the strength of TalentHunts process.”

Partner, Mechanical Department Head

Multidisciplinary Engineering, Planning and Design Services

“The process has worked at all management, executive and technical levels, and TalentHunt stays active with us until certain of our satisfaction and success… No matter what search is required, TalentHunts search process remains the same.”

Director of Product Development

Drive Train Technology

Additional references for Executive TalentHunt, Inc. will be made available upon request.