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It takes a real partnership to get results that work. Our experience tells us that clear, open communication and agreement between the client and Talent Hunt, helps create the kind of synergy required for successful search and placement. So, please read our Summary of Agreement. And feel free to call if you have any questions.

Summary of Agreement

Guarantee Period: 100 Days
Exclusive Period: 100 Days

Exclusive Search. The client agrees not to give the assignment to another search firm, or hire through any source other than Talent Hunt, during the exclusive period. If you hire a candidate from another source during the course of the exclusive period, Talent Hunt will be entitled to its total search fee. The 100 day exclusive period begins when you have signed the Summary Agreement, made the first retainer payment, and instruct Talent Hunt to begin the search. If Talent Hunt and the client agree to continue work beyond the exclusive period, a new exclusive period of 100 days will begin. The process can be repeated as often as the client requires.

Costs and Expenses Advance. Talent Hunt will advance the client the costs and expenses associated with the search. The advance includes, but is not limited to: Talent Hunt travel; candidate travel; food and lodging; long distance telephone calls; or reference checks. You will receive an itemized list of the expenses on a monthly basis that are payable upon receipt. Costs and expenses are in addition to the search fee.

Client Collaboration. The client agrees to make principals and other personnel available for telephone conferences or candidate interviews when scheduled. You client also agree to supply a complete and accurate job description, including compensation and benefits. These elements will contribute to the achievement of a successful and timely outcome for search and placement of the appropriate candidate.

Guaranteed Performance.

Talent Hunt guarantees that any candidate you hire under the terms of this agreement will not terminate employment voluntarily, or be discharged due to misconduct or unsatisfactory performance (determined in accordance with reasonable standards), during the course of the guarantee period.

If the unforseen happens under these circumstances, Talent Hunt will repeat the entire search process with no additional fees incurred by the client, except for costs and expenses. This is your exclusive remedy under your guarantee. You will not be entitled to a refund of fees, costs or expenses. Talent Hunt shall not be liable for any compensatory, or other, damages resulting from employment of the candidate.

The client agrees to deny any claim to refund of fees, costs and expenses under these conditions:
1) Contracting with any sources, other than Talent Hunt, for search and placement of the position;
2) Principals and other personnel are unavailable for telephone conferences and candidate interviews;
3) A complete and accurate job description, compensation and benefits are not available; or the search is cancelled before the exclusive search period has expired.

The client agrees to sign a new agreement and pay an additional fee if the position or job description changes materially.

The client agrees to compensate Talent Hunt for the entire search fee previously agreed upon, under these conditions: Any candidate who is hired as a result of Talent Hunt' referral, within one year of the date upon which the client was advised by Talent Hunt of the candidateÕs availability. This includes any subsidiary, affiliate or related company of the client.

Active Guarantee. Talent Hunt' guarantee will remain active for as long as the client elects to abide by the agreement. The only requirements are these:

1) Final fee payment is made in accordance with the schedule;
2) The final costs and expenses invoice is paid; and
3) Notification to Talent Hunt within five working days of the employee's termination.

In summary, for results that work, call us.

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