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A thorough description of the position. Specifications for the ideal candidate. And a comprehensive look at the hiring organization. All are designed to establish the foundation upon which to build the strategy and tactics for successful search and placement. Please complete this Search Request Form and E-mail it to us.

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What does management really want accomplished through this position?
To whom does this position report (Name and Title)?
How many employees are under the direction of this position and what is their relative compentence?
Duties and responsibilities of the position, (including figures, amounts, volumes, etc. to indicate scope of responsibility)?
Educational Requirements?
Required experience (what postions should candidate have held, level of responsibility including P&L, and industry experience)?
Personality factors?
Financial package: salary base, bonus structure, direct/commissions and indirect compensation, such as cars and club memberships, stock options or stock purchase plans, medical and dental plans?
Why should someone take this position?


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