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Employers, consider this:

  • Employee selection is difficult and time-consuming.
  • A poor hiring choice leads to decreased productivity, poor workplace morale, wasted training, and time lost finding a replacement.
  • Usually, the most desirable candidates are already employed and successful in their positions.
  • Placing ads, networking or encouraging employees to "keep an eye out" often yields candidates who are the best of the unemployed rather than the best in your field.

We are Talent Hunt, the retained search professionals of choice for many companies across the country. Here is why:

We work exclusively for our clients. We represent you and partner together to find and secure the most talented professionals in your field. In the least amount of time.

Thorough research allows us to provide you with custom profiles for every candidate in every search and that saves time for you and for your candidates. Most of your questions get answered before you ever meet.

Detailed timelines establish deadlines. You can mark your calendar and get back to work, while your candidates receive confirmation that indeed, the opportunity is now.

We accomplish win-win arrangements. We do not fax resumes and hope for the best. Rather, we facilitate interviews and negotiations to share our comprehensive understanding of your needs and your candidates' interests. Helping our clients to acquire the experience and skills necessary for business survival and growth, while at the same time helping successful professionals to advance their careers is good for everyone.

Your retainer shows that you are committed to filling an open position. That commitment convinces otherwise reluctant candidates that they are not being invited to a "cattle call", but are truly being sought out for their exceptional achievement in their field.

Our retainer fees are not contingent upon the salaries of the candidates you hire. If we find someone who is an exceptional value, you will here about that person first off! Our unique pricing structure allows us to help you secure the right candidates at the right salaries. Your Talent Hunt professional will discuss fee arrangements prior to each search.

We are a team of experienced professionals.

Paul Boyle is one of the few Certified Personnel Consultants in Minnesota with a Master's degree in Organizational Development. In 1996, the National Association of Personnel Services appointed Mr. Boyle Certification Trainer for Minnesota. He trains all Minnesota recruiters seeking CPC certification. Mr. Boyle and his team of professional recruiters and researchers are ready to put their expertise to work for you. Take a closer look at our website and then, for results that work, call us today.

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