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Here's what some clients have to say about Talent Hunt:

Market Research "Our retainer fee included Talent Hunt' efforts to locate candidates who were currently doing the job we needed done. They were able to verify current compensation packages by W2 forms or most recent check stubs."

Timeline "The timeline was approved by us before it was implemented. There is a beginning, middle and end to the Talent Hunt process. It doesn't go on indefinitely. That saved me a lot of time. I marked the dates for profiling and interviewing and then let Boyle get to work. I went back to running my business."

Target Lists "The fact that Talent Hunt wasn't experienced in my industry proved to be a big plus. It meant there were no 'sacred cows' -- that every company was available for us to draw from. I had doubts at first, but I am now convinced that their process can work in any industry."

Client Profile "This part of the process sounded tedious, but actually it enabled us to aggressively market our firm to the candidate we wanted. And we hired him."

Candidate Profile "After reading the profiles on the candidates, I knew the interviews would not be a waste of time. There were no 'tire kickers.' I imagine the Talent Hunt staff made them work so hard at completing the questionnaires, the individuals who weren't serious didn't do the necessary work. Needless to say, they didn't interview with my company."

Interviews "With Paul Boyle scheduling and facilitating the interview, I was able to focus more on listening to the candidate and forming the questions I needed to ask. Paul took care of the distractions and kept us on track. We completed three interviews in four hours. No time was wasted."

Negotiations "Boyle usually has permission to accept or reject an offer from the candidate. We have never directly negotiated with a candidate supplied by Boyle's firm. We generally have three choices: Increase the offer, select another candidate Boyle has ready for us, or start the search over. Our choice has usually been to increase the offer."

Ethical Commitment "First of all, confidentiality is protected -- ours and the candidate's. Talent Hunt does not release any revealing information about my company or the candidate without permission. Second, we commissioned Boyle to fill a new position. After they completed the market research, it became apparent that we couldn't afford to pay market value for the position. We put the position on hold for three months while we put the capital in place. Then the search was resumed and Boyle filled the position within two weeks."

Post-Search Evaluation "Talent Hunt conducted a very thorough evaluation after the search was completed to improve upon an already successful process. I am now using his evaluation format with the rest of my vendors."

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