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Here are the answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked...

What is retained search and why is it important?

A retained search agreement means that we have committed to work together to secure the most talented individuals in your field. You commit the funds and agree to work with us exclusively. Talent Hunt commit the time, dedication, and experience. Your commitment and our diligence allow us to attract strong candidates who might not otherwise be interested in talking to a search firm. Candidates are interested in your opportunity when they learn about our retained agreement. They know you have committed to filling the positions, because funds have been committed. And they know they will not be wasting their time at a "cattle call”, as this is a serious process involving a single search firm.

How are retainer fees structured?

Our fees are configured on a flat rate schedule. They are not contingent upon the starting salaries of the hired candidates. Each search is unique and the client and search professional agree upon the fee in writing prior to each search. Talent Hunt always honors the stated fee schedule.

One third of the fee is due when we choose to begin a new search together. That covers our time spent researching your opening and your field. We report back to you with comprehensive information about how your competitors have configured similar positions, what someone in that position is making, who is doing that position and comes highly recommended, and how we feel about various candidates after we have completed our interviewing process. We also provide you with candidate responses to a custom tailored questionnaire created for your opening.

When you choose candidates to interview, you pay the second portion of the fee.

The third portion is not due until your new hire has accepted an offer of employment and joined your team.

What is your success ratio?

We enjoy placement success of over 92%. It takes the client and the search professional working together to achieve those results.

Why does Talent Hunt often facilitate the interview process?

Our goal is to find and place the best candidate -- not the candidate who interviews best.

We offer our presence in the interview process in order to ensure that both parties receive complete and satisfactory answers to their questions. We may also be used to ensure a timely interview process, to escort candidates from the interview and gauge their interest level immediately, and to protect our clients from language or questions which may prove to be a legal risk.

Do you provide a period of guarantee?

Yes, Talent Hunt provides 100 days maximum.

In what geographic areas have you placed candidates?

We have made placements all across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Far East.

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