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Clients can depend on ethical behavior and unwavering commitment from the professionals at Talent Hunt

Count on receiving:
1. A recruiter who understands your needs. We will work together to develop:
  • A thorough understanding of the open position
  • A detailed job description
  • A clear assessment of your workplace demographics and management style
  • An approved timeline
  • A list of companies targeted for recruitment and companies to be avoided during the search process

2. Valuable and up-to-date industry information regarding current compensation for the targeted position.

3. Directly recruited successful candidates. Placing ads, networking or encouraging employees to "keep an eye out" often yields candidates who are the best of the unemployed rather than the best in your field.

4. Thoroughly written candidate profiles which include:
  • Resume
  • Interview summary
  • Current compensation
  • An approved timeline
  • Summary of skills and strong points
  • Summary of candidate needs or wants

5. Scheduled interviews with selected candidates. We not only make all arrangements and ensure that all parties are aware of the agreed upon timeline, but Talent Hunt goes the extra mile by facilitating the entire interview process.

6. Verification of candidate’s compensation and in-depth written reference checks.

7. Help with negotiations so that you and the candidate are both satisfied with your agreement and excited about working together.

8. A formal, detailed offer of employment which includes all agreed-upon terms.

9. A candidate who is prepared to resign and begin contributing to your team. Because our candidates bring value to their current employers, they generally face a counter offer when they give their resignation. We prepare them for this situation and help them to resign respectfully and permanently so that they can hit the ground running in their new positions.

10. Complete confidentiality and clear ethical standards. All information relating to your business policies, which is shared to aid in the search assignment, shall be treated confidentially. Talent Hunt will not solicit your employees. Candidates placed with you will not be solicited for other positions while still in your employ.

We're serious about ethical commitment. For results that work, call us.

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